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The new Mason game introduction area

The old intro area is cluttered.

New world

  • A peninsula where the user starts. It should be a small hill, slanting downwards towards the main continent.
  • A spawn point at the tip of the peninsula (needs server support).
  • A clear path from the peninsula to the main world.
  • One NPC's near the spawning point, giving instructions.
  • NPC looks different, using different clothes.
  • Remove specific classes (settler, merchant..) and use "human". Remove the "guise" attributes for clothes and provide attached clothes in the inventory instead (see the "spawn points").
  • Not so steep mountains, as they mess up the client LOD system.
  • "hint" feature, which is embedded in the dialog from NPCs. Should be shown using a simple hint system.
  • Implement signposts in the game.
  • First "quest" is to get fed, as you start out with very little health.
    • Follow the path and meet an NPC.
    • Talk to the NPC and receive a piece of bread.
    • Eat the bread to get some health.
    • The logic for the NPC would be to inspect the health of the user and give it bread if its status is low.
  • Further down the path it forks.
    • One fork leads to a fishing settlement, where the fishing game mechanics can be carried out.
    • Another fork leads to a village where pig farming can be carried out.


  • NPC at spawnpoint
    • Placed near the spawn point.
    • Objective: get people moving down the path, towards the food NPC
    • Inform about the availability of food down the path, which is needed as the avatar spawns hungry
  • food NPC
    • Placed along the path.
    • objective: give a piece of bread to hungry avatars, and informing them of this, making them use the interface and the inventory
    • When interacted with, will place a bread in the avatar's inventory and speak to the avatar.

Spawn points

A system for defining spawn points. Contains information on position of the point, the type of character created, inventory of the characters etc.