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Character homepages could be accessible both from ingame (through various means, depending on UI and world design), and from the world wide web, through the server homepage.

The homepage could contain the following items. For each item, the player may select the visibility (any access control possible, like general, only to friends, or only to the character's player (account))

  • User written description of the character
  • A portrait using the in-game character model
  • The Game Log of the character
  • Any Contracts the character is publically offering
  • Any Contracts the character still has to fulfill
  • The stats of the character
  • The Organization memberships of the character and links to the organizaions
  • The Contacts List of the character and links to the friends homepages
  • Rankings of the character in various Sub Games
  • Awards the character has recieved
  • Inventory of the character
  • Skills of the character