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Most meetings will be held in #forge on IRC. The suggested time is 19 GMT saturday.


To create a new meeting agenda place link to a page using this format: "Meeting 2006-07-15" (that way we can ensure proper sorting). At the top of the new meeting page add the following: [[Category:Meetings]].

Please clearly label who suggested each item on the agenda.

Suggested static points include:

  • Latest developments.
  • Anything from the previous meeting.
  • Where are we lacking? (More emphasis on toolchain than developers.)


Add the summary as soon as possible after the meeting, and also post it to the weblog.


It might be a good idea to clearly record actions that were decided to be taken, and the person(s) that volunteered for them.


The logs for meetings can be searched for in Brendas colored logs of #forge.

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