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This page is a work in progress,
meaning things are incomplete, unfinished, not fully thought out, might disappear again, and generally are subject to change.
Do not rely on any of this just yet!

Update: we plan to make a castle defence game as a target game to work towards - so we'll probably be reusing some ideas from here -- zzorn 2006-10-08

We should get started with this soon. :) -- KaiBlin 14:15, 20 October 2006 (CEST)

This was to be a small demonstration game built on top of WorldForge technology, but we decided to add all the features into Mason instead.

This game has been discontinued.

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How to play

The old "How to play Mason" still covers UClient, while the Mason page clearly says you need Sear or Ember. So I... well, I just for the moment put a link to Sear up at the top of that guide (which also says the page is outdated).


  1. To show off
  2. To reuse every media possible that our artists are doing
  3. To be able to play mason in a part of the map, but the map will not be mason-focused
  4. To be fun


The game is targeted for LinuxTag 2006.

Game Design

What will the game be like?

What are the objectives? game tokens? possible actions? length of the game? ways to keep players interested?

Some ideas from irc (by zzorn), please comment:


The objective could be to defend the castle against various monsters - skeletons from the mines / graveyard, perhaps spiders from the woods, and goblins from the mountains / plains.

Failure would be that the town was overrun, no victory conditions probably. The score of the player team would be the time they manage to hold the castle (perhaps some kind of highscore board)

Or possibly there could be some victory condition too, if the 'boss' monsters of the spiders, skeletons, and goblins are all beaten?

Alternatively, more interestingly, the goblins might be player controlled too, resulting in two fortresses that battle each other. That requires somewhat different kind of rules thou.

All the above game ideas would be geared towards about one hour intensive play sessions, not really a persistent world. The world would be more or less reset after the castle or the enemy bosses were destroyed. Amount of attackers depends on number of players, so if nobody is logged in, nothing happens. As soon as there is at least one player, the automatic game master starts sending some scouts towards the castle.

I'm not sure exactly how that kind of game would translate to a persistent world. Perhaps it'd be more like an event, hold the fort for some time until reinforcements arive - type quest..

Improvement paths

Some simple kind of crafting could be implemented perhaps, allowing construction of better weapons by harvesting resources (ore from the mines, wood from the forest, and something else from the plains / mountains? stone, and small amount of gold (randomly from e.g. crushing stones). This would provide some other action than simple monster killing, and would provide motivations to do forays out into the surroundings.

Perhaps the materials could be used to build arrows to fire at the enemies, catapults and catapult ammo.. Just a few better types of swords are probably not enough, the raw material should be needed for consumables, like health potions (perhaps made from glaeter berries from the forest), and ammo.

Another purpose that the materials could be needed for is to repair castle walls.

Keeping the game challenging

I liked the automated game master idea from that text mud (medieva?), basically the game would analyse the player status (bored, frightened, and some other properties that could be determined from their stats/behaviour), and throw in new monsters to always keep the players on their toes (maximize fright while keeping the players alive). Of course, looking at the typical build up in books, the automatic game master could first try to raise the fear in small steps, and allow some breaks to regroup.

There might be various kinds of special events also to spice up the game and make each play session unique. Some ideas:

  • Trader arrives with goods from outside, will sell for gold
  • Survivors from a small village arrive, and request help to save the rest of the outlying village
  • A dragon arrives.
  • A zombie sneaks into the castle. Players bitten by the zombie turn into zombies. Arrrr.
  • A horde of goblins arrive
  • Flying spider babies land in the castle
  • Waves of skeletons
  • Goblins shoot fire arrows / dragon breathes fire, and parts of the castle catches fire. Players need to put it out.
  • Attackers damage castle, players need to repair it
  • the giant goblins arrive
  • The lich king arrives, with spells of ice and death, and skeleton archers

Anyhow, any comments on these game ideas? Does anybody else have something planned for castleguard?


Here's a map over the game area, which still lacks the castle:

  • Jayrs castle will be in the eastern oakfield (on top of a 40 m hill).
  • In the forest there will be undeads and wolves.
  • In the mountais there'll be kobolds.
  • In the oak forest there'll be spiders and goblins.
  • You'll be able to build houses in the part labelled "building site".

Connection to Moraf and Castlegard

Kai: the settlers coming to Borderwood have to come from somewhere... Castlegard could be the last outpost of armed Moraf in that area, downriver of Borderwood